virucidal disinfectant

Disinfection of large areas (COVID-19)

Our new bio spray fog machines are of the highest spec and offer the best in terms of volume, rate and coverage.

Each having its own programmable indoor rotation setting with an indoor volume of 0-1000m3. This is an option for prolonged, unmanned cleaning of high risk areas automatically and can be set to respray periodically, Interchangeable to being handheld or with a lance with an active mist projection of 15 meters.

With options of either dry fog or wet fog, and at a particle size of 7 – 20 microns, this insures even the smallest, tightest crevices are 100% sanitized. We can even be on hand to spray any large orders that come in before human contact.

The handheld option makes it ideal for sanitizing shared work vehicles and public transport vehicles, also including emergency service vehicles. A car for example would take under 1 hour and be re-usable totally sanitary, dry and unhindered after another following hour.

We use the worlds most advanced silver stabilized hydrogen peroxide. pH Neutral When Dosed. Totally non Toxic. When correctly applied to water, air or any surface, will disinfect through an oxidisation process and continue to safely provide unrivalled residual performance.

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Published: 20/05/2020