Number Forty Two - with a little bit of artistic license - one way sign removed - blocks cleaned

Number Forty Two

Here is the transformation we helped carry out in Number Forty Two in Campbeltown Recently.

The luxurious Graham & Brown wallpaper on the ceilings and the colour scheme chosen by Gordon really adds to the ambience of the restaurant and bar area, the quirky little details and additions added along the way really brought this whole job together brilliantly in the end.
We also installed traditionally made 4 tier plaster cornice (not made by us) behind the bar and along the ‘caricature wall’ in the hallway, which features caricatures by an artist of every one involved in the project.

Gold detailing

11 hours it took me to complete the rose gold detailing around the upper walls, but it was absolutely worth it in the end!
Incredible difference and very pleased with the outcome.
Its good to see all old empty properties in Campbeltown being rejuvenated!